Mike Taylor





2000 BFA, University of Florida

Solo Exhibitions
2014 Bad Credit Wayfarers Gallery, Brooklyn NY
2014 No/Future Booklyn Artist Alliance
2008 GlitterDiscoSynthesizerNightSchool Stairwell Gallery, Providence, RI
2007 Animal Science, BasFisher Invitational, Miami
2005 Santa Claus, Condoleezza Rice, and a Donkey, AS220, Providence RI

Selected Group Exhibitions
2014 PVD TLA, Studio 1504, Abu Dhabi
2013 Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dude, Booklyn Artist Alliance
2011 Out of Print, Booklyn Artist Alliance
2010 Smash and Grab, Locust Projects, Miami
2010 DCG Open, David Castillo Gallery, Miami
2009 This is a Comic Book, curated by Jimi Payne/ Colleen Grennan,Mahan Gallery, Columbus, Oh.
2009 Rubles, Ben Russell, Chicago
2009 Dark Fair, Bas Fisher Invitational Booth, Cologne, Germany
2008 Shadow out of Time, curated by Stairwell Gallery, 808 Gallery at Boston University
2008 New Obstructions, co-curated with Neal Walsh, Mercantile Block Bldg, Providence, RI
2007 Printed Matter 2, Giant Robot NYC
2007 These Bagels are Gnarly, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2006 Wunderground: Providence 1995- Present, RISD Museum, Providence, RI
2006 Dirty Hands, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2005 Copyist Conspiracy Yerba Buena Center for the Arts/ Needles and Pens, San Francisco
2005 The 1000 Arms of Industry and Boredom: Mike Taylor and Caroline Paquita, Needles and Pens, San Francisco
2004 Paper Rodeo/ Beautiful Losers, The Mockbee, Cincinnati
2004 Shelter AS220 project space, Providence, RI
2003 Paper Rodeo, Space 1026, Philadelphia

Selected Publications
2015 Quand L’Art Investit La Ville CMDE, France
2015 Hammer of the Dogs,artist book, ed. of 14
2014 The Bigger Chill artist book, ed. of 8
2014 No/Future artist book, ed. of 3
2014 “Lost Boys of the South”, Periscope Magazine, #1
2014 “This Can’t Happen Again” Smoke Signal magazine
2012 Vice Guide to Syria
2010 The Lifted Brow anthology, Brisbane, Australia
2006-present “Monkey Vision” comic, Mothers News newspaper
2006 Live Through This: NY Art 2005, Deitch projects
2002 Re/Fuse magazine, Netherlands
2001-2006 Paper Rodeo comics magazine
1994- present Late-Era Clash zine

Rhode Island School of Design Museum
BasFisher Invitational, Miami
Malmo Konsthall, Denmark
Stanford Library of Art and Music
NY Public Library, Special Collections
NYU Library
Harvard Library of Art
Cornell Library of Art
College of St.Benedict, St. John’s University
Library of Congress